Your parking solution

In GPS We are committed to providing safety, convenience and most importantly,
ease of parking to all our clients.

At GPS, our team has a keen understanding of parking service knowledge, traffic control and the art of hospitality, which allows us to deliver quick and efficient parking solutions that cater to our clients needs. Our aim is to offer a high level service that will not only complement but also improve the facilitation of our clients’ success.

About Us

Since 2000, Global Parking Services has been an innovative leader in providing custom-tailored parking services throughout South Florida. GPS is a full service parking management company that specializes in valet parking, parking lot management, shuttle transportation, chauffeur services, private events and automobile detailing.

Parking Attendants

For the past decade, GPS has prided itself in providing the highest level of customer service in the industry.
We assure you that all parking attendants are well-groomed, well-mannered, courteous and professional.
Our attendants are carefully selected and extensively trained in customer service, parking and flagging, traffic control, security and safety, as well as maintaining a professional, uniformed appearance

Valet Services

GPS valet attendants are ready to greet and welcome clients as soon as they pull up to your establishment.
Being the first point of contact, our polished, professional and experienced attendants are eager to provide a service that will enhance our clients’ experience.

Parking Lot Management

At GPS, our parking management team understands that every lot is unique and has its personal dynamic, so we tailor our management to each lot uniquely.
Our main priority is to provide security and professionalism; so our clients feel comfortable and are able to capitalize on their investment of the property.
Some services that complement our management team are: revenue control, traffic direction, shuttle transportation, and any other specific parking needs.

Shuttle Service

In priding ourselves with convenience and luxury, we are able to extend our services by offering reliable shuttle solutions.
Our 15-passenger van shuttles employees and guests to and from parking lots, allowing for convenient and timely transportation.

Special Events & Private Venues

Whether you are hosting a private residential party, wedding, charity gala or corporate event, GPS provides customized services to fit your needs.
Our parking team proudly services from the largest public venue to the most private residence.
Our special event services include valet parking, door attendant, greeter, concierge, directional parking and flagging, traffic control, shuttle transportation, and chauffeur services.


The guest arrival and departure experiences are critical pieces of overall guest satisfaction, at Global Parking Services, Inc. we take this mission seriously.
A Global Parking Bellman makes an exceptional impression on every guest by engaging with customers in a positive and friendly manner. Our personnel will influence your guests’ experience by providing safe and efficient service. Our Bellman is trained to escort arriving and departing guests in a courteous manner to and from guestrooms, will Inform guests about Hotel amenities and area attractions in a confident, friendly and outgoing manner.

Country Clubs

Valet attendants will be the first opportunity to provide to your guests and members with a warm greeting and send them home with a fond farewell.
Our Valet Attendant Team are individuals with an outgoing personality who thrive in providing an experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests when they visit or stay at your signature facility. Our Valet Attendants partners with you to maintain and excel your guests’ ultimate satisfaction.

Auto Dealerships

Global Parking Services, Inc. Dealership personnel are trained to aid your customers and guests with directions to all departments, to provide assistance and to create a courteous and professional atmosphere while keeping the traffic flow consistent, organized and safe.
Our GPS Porter personnel is trained to assist with the lot activity, transport and we can support the detailer, the staff, mechanics or car washer, if needed. Other responsibilities could be: assisting in the organizing the parking lot; putting gas on new vehicles, loaners and clients’ vehicles; assisting in stocking of new vehicles; work with services department and transport of vehicles and customers, including dealer swaps.